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Financial chain-the necessity of FLIC

Build the most sturdy and powerful infrastructure in the digital financial asset industry, provide digital asset enthusiasts with the best quality, safe, convenient and efficient services, popularize the application of blockchain technology in all walks of life, open up the blockchain financial field Change in the new era! FLIC will build a strong P2P ecosystem and build a decentralized business ecosystem. By opening up the connection between digital assets and the value of physical business, connecting all walks of life, the platform token FLIC is used as a barrier-free token on the platform, with consumer flash payment function, open, transparent and decentralized.

What is FLIC? what

Financial Chain Digital currency and virtual currency are referred to as FLIC, issued by non-central banks, credit institutions, and electronic money institutions. Blockchain solves the problems of decentralization and trust, and transmission through encryption algorithm is a payment method based on the circulation and application of virtual or specific environment.

Core idea

The design of FLIC will retain all the core features of Bitcoin, such as P2P systems, decentralization, asymmetric cryptography to ensure exclusive ownership of assets, financiality, borderlessness, and global applications. FLIC retains the most valuable part of the Bitcoin system, adhering to the essence of a trusted network and realizing low-cost value transmission.

Application philosophy

The development of blockchain has entered the era of application development. Everyone is trying to combine their work with the blockchain to give full play to the advantages of the blockchain. However, there are many bottlenecks in current blockchain projects. For example, Bitcoin has become a core issue that hinders its development. In order to adapt to large-scale applications, blockchain adapts to the development of the times and serves applications.

Development philosophy

The FLIC team adheres to the development concept of "no best, only better", fully absorbs the advantages of other blockchain projects, and combines its own innovation to practice a feasible solution.

FLIC destruction mechanism

FLIC is determined to build a one-stop cryptocurrency investment trading service platform for global exchanges, which facilitates investors to trade and screen high-quality projects for investors.

The official announcement of FLIC will start the token destruction mechanism, and the platform coin FLIC Coin will be partially destroyed. The FLIC official will repurchase its own 20% of the profit of the quarter, FLIC, and sell it every quarter, and continue to do so until 100M coins (FLIC) are burned from the original 200M. Without changing the FLIC's daily distribution rules and amount, FLIC Coin's contract has the function of selling coins. Anyone can call this function at any time and submit the specified amount of coins that you want to permanently remove from the wallet. All transaction records of the destruction of coins are clearly listed on the blockchain, so the process of selling coins is highly transparent, and anyone can verify that the coins have been destroyed. Under this mechanism, all platform asset data is disclosed to the community for two years. In addition, the platform will upgrade the existing mining dividend model, and distribute 50% of all platform revenue as dividends to users of FLIC mining tokens, 30% for rewards, and 20% for secondary markets Recycle FLIC Token and destroy it.

Solving program plan

The financial chain is the world's first digital economy for financial digital currency scenarios

Ring trading
Fraud reduction
Next generation token
Covert address
Ring Signature Financial Algorithm
Mixed currency technology
Zero knowledge proof
Encrypted payment

FLIC App Apps

FLIC adopts a blockchain design that will comprehensively consider and integrate the advantages of many projects, and do some pioneering exploration to lead the industry to the next generation of blockchain financial ecological network.

  • Multiple trading pairs
  • High frequency matching system
  • Wallet aggregation
  • Expertise
  • No expensive fees

Tokens plan allocation

Digital currency FLIC is a native encrypted digital token officially issued by FLIC. The first phase will be generated on Ethereum based on smart contracts, and the second phase will be generated based on its own public chain and used as the only basic digital currency of the FLIC public chain for settlement, trading, and smart contract performance. A total of 3 digital currencies, FLIC, were created by the FLIC Foundation at a time. The upper limit of the total amount has been set and cannot be changed or issued. The digital currency FLIC is distributed to different holders according to certain rules and proportions, of which a certain proportion of FLIC will be raised in a suitable way for the right people for the underlying construction of blockchain, product module research and development, application ecological layout, FLIC The overall operation and maintenance of the public chain.


Market circulation


Reward pool


Technical maintenance


Project management



Team formation, technical pre-research


World premiere of FLIC

Login to multiple exchanges


Public chain test


Public chain open source, developer community, online world-class exchange


Popularization and application of public chain in various fields

FLIC cooperation partners

as the picture shows

FLIC-global financial digital currency in the blockchain era

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